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Flexible Packaging

Our flexible packaging features our photographic-quality gravure printing available in 9 colors. We also offer flexographic up to 10 colors.
Printed Films and Bags
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Package Design

We are a supplier of high-fidelity printing, we can match you up to some of the top packaging designers in the country. We will recommend and work closely with artists capable of making your package look picture perfect.

Ideal Product Development and Fulfillment

Full Body Shrink Sleeves
Roll Fed Labels
Pressure Sensitive Labels
Folding Cartons
Stand Up Pouches & Bags
Quad-seal Pouches
Side Gusset Pouches
Shape Pouches
Retort Pouches
Lid Stock
Pattern MET Pattern™ Metalized
Printed Roll Stock
Labels & Containers

Full Body Shrink Sleeves

Full body shrink sleeve offers brilliant graphics and wrap-around marketing for any rigid retail container. Our gravure printing expertise insures that our full body shrink sleeves makes your product stand out on the shelf. PVC is available for typical shrink applications; high shrink PETG is the choice for highly contoured bottles. Full body shrink sleeves available both pre-cut and on rolls.

Roll Fed Labels

OPP / White OPP lamination for roll-fed labeling combined, with our vivid gravure printing delivers: a great water, soda or consumer goods container wrap. Also available in shrink OPP.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Our digital photopolymer plates are printed with the latest in narrow-web Flexo processing which results in a beautiful label. High gloss printing on both paper and plastic substrates available.

Folding Cartons

Many of our customers seek our printing expertise to control all aspects of their printed packaging. We now specialize in the design, printing and converting of multi-colored folding cartons, inserts and many other paper-board packaging products. Our Capabilities include offset "super highline screen" printing up to 7 color.


Printed Laminated Roll Stock

The experts design the optimum combination of materials to create the perfect package. Our printed laminated rollstock delivers the optimum combination of functionality, barrier, strength and aesthetics.

Commonly used substrates include oriented polypropylene (OPP), polyester (PET), biaxially-oriented nylon (BON), metalized films (OPP, PET and BON), foil, high clarity cast polypropylene, and custom blended polyethylene sealant layers.

Our printed laminated roll-stock is designed to function for a myriad of applications such as vertical form, fill and seal packaging machines (VF&F), horizontal form, fill and seal packaging machines (HF&F) and horizontal pouch making machines.

Stand Up Pouches & Bags

Stand Up Pouches & Bags

Stand up pouches have become important in retail packaging. We supply pre-made stand up pouches in the same variety of materials available in our roll-stock. Options include zippers, Doyen-style bottoms and even simple flat/ 3 side sealed pouches and back fin/ bottom crimp bags.

Quad-Seal Pouches

Customers love the “billboard” look of our 4 side/ quad-seal pouch. This type of pouch looks like a flexible box. Quad-seal pouches are also very popular for packaging frozen foods, gourmet foods, candy, pet foods and chemicals.

Side Gusset All- Plastic Bags

Side gusset all- plastic bags are the a great replacement for multi-wall bags and are suitable for packaging 10 lbs., 25 lbs., even 50 lbs of product. Xpert offers our side gusset all- plastic bags in both laminations and extra- strong nylon coextrusions. Valves, handles and slider zippers available

Shaped Spout Pouch

Shaped spout pouches are the new wave in flexible packaging. Shaped spout pouches replace bottles and are a unique way to package both dry and wet foods and consumer products. Shaped spout pouches are very popular in Europe, Asia and South America for beverages, condiments and shampoos.

Retort Pouches

Packaging in retort pouches provides improved flavor, reduced storage space, and longer shelf life. Costs are lower for production and shipping. Xpert’s partner/supplier is amongst the most experienced manufacturers of retort pouches in the world.


Printed laminated lidstock is available as either a lock or peelable seal. Our lidstock seals to PE, PP, and PET trays and containers. Also available in embossed foil

Pattern MET™Pattern Metalized Printed Roll-stock

We are one of the very few companies in the world offering pattern metalized printed rollstock. The exclusive Pattern MET ™ we carry, is a process where metal is removed in register. Pattern MET ™ can create a beautiful metalized package featuring a window for product visibility. Pattern MET ™roll-stock offers other creative ways to offer graphic enhancement in a package.

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