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Flow Wrap Films
All films below are available in: Transparent, Metalized, Printed, Opaque, Anti-Fog and High-Gas Barrier
Click in film type below to view product data sheet
Film Type Special Features Seal Strength Data Sheets
Microwavable Conventional Freezable
MG 2 150             Clear & Metalized X X X
  150   X X X  
  250   X X X  
BP               Biodegradable X   X
                Dual X   X  
MS 180             Dual X   X
MS 232             Dual X   X
MS 272             Dual X   X
TP 48             Dual X X X
TP 60             Dual X X X
TP 80             Dual X X X
TP 92             Dual X X X
TP 120             Dual X X X

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