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Advantages of Green Packaging

All types of trays to fit all your needs.
Eco-friendly materials used.
Perfect for fresh produce, meat items and fresh or frozen plated meals.
Offer uncompromising product without giving up functionality.
Material compatible with any other packaging and equipment in use.

Types of Green Packaging

Microwaveable & Barrier Trays

Excellent Solution when Microwave-ability is required

Green Printing

Saving by Pre-Printing legible text on trays (including scanable bar-codes).
Brand Recognition by printed patters or design throughout the entire tray.

Biodegradeable Sugar Cane Trays

Different shapes, colors, sizes, printed/patterned and suitable films available.
Perfect for organic fruits and vegetables providing an appropriate type of packaging.

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Green Films

Lidding film available in both peelable or weld seals and shrink films with anti-fog.
Pouches and forming films are available.



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