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Data Sheet


            XPI Lidding Film Matrix USA

            XPI BIOPEEL Lidding USA

            XPI Film Microsteam USA

            XPI Film PL 102 US

            XPI Film 105 US

            XPI Film 107 US

            XPI Film 108 US

            XPI Film 125 US

            XPI Film 128 US

            XPI Film 133 US

            XPI Film 140 US

            XPI Film 330 US

            XPI Film 350 US

            XPI Film RLP 50

            XPI Film RLP 100

            XPI Film - TL

            XPI Film TP


            XPI Flow Wrap Wrap Film Matrix USA

            XPI BIOPEEL Flow Wrap

            XPI Film Microgrill Flow Wrap

            XPI Film TP FW


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Data Sheet



     Bag in Box Machine



     Semi Auto Cartoner Model

  MK-1 video


     End Load Cartoning Model

6 pack box / plastic bags&clips / ice cream bars / pharma&folded leaflet / pizza 12 inch carton / rolada cake / tray on insert carton


      High Speed End Load Cartoner Model

manual loading / unilever triangle box for ice cream / waffle 5 pack in a box


     End Load Cartoner Model

View Video


     Top Load Model

top load case packer


     Vertical Cartoner

verticle cartoning


     Tray Erector Model

partial 10 partial head area wrap around


     Tray Erector ModeL



     Top Load Case Packer Model

couscous bags case packer + case erector


     Case Packer

  6 can case packer


     Honeycomb Tray Erector



     Top Load Tray Packer Model

with wrap around MP-10


     End Load Case Packer Model



     Wrap Around Model

3 750 cc plastic bottles


     Wrap Around Model

pair of yogurt cups


     Wrap Around Model

wrap around trays


     Wrap Around Model

4 tetra pack 1 liter / glass juice bottles / yogurt & juice bottles


     Wrap Around Model

cigarettes 10 pack in a carton


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